Ivanka Lumiere's Tribal Lights Collection.
Ivanka Lumiere's Tribal Lights Collection.

Ivanka Lumiere gets inspired by the exaggerated beauty of tribal elements

The Delhi-based store's series of pendant lamps rides high on flamboyance and creativity

Inspired from the exaggerated expressions of tribal masks and totems, the Tribal Lights Collection by Ivanka Lumiere is designed to serve as a “reflection of life”. Each pendant lamp hangs as a flamboyant trendy art, with the light source in the end and a creative pattern on top. The collection consists of three distinct designs that work best in combination, hung at varying length. Overall, the design fits perfectly into modern, contemporary design aesthetics.

Ceiling lights by Ivanka Lumiere give the brand a leading edge. Contemporary to its core, their industrial lights with edison or LED bulbs bring out the quirky quotient in a brilliant way. An entryway gives the first impression of a home, so one has to choose the right size according to the space—a small light will look dwarfed, while a very large chandelier could be overpowering.

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For Entry and Foyer lighting, the company recommends general lighting to deliver overall brightness and accent lighting to provide a visually appealing space. You may need one or several types of light fixtures in a room, depending on the layout, size, aesthetic look and space available. Ivanka Lumiere is equipped to handle all these light requirements.

Contact person: Saurabh Mittal
Tel: +91-11-26807256, +91-9811267265
Email: contact@ivankalumiere.com, saurabh@ivankalumiere.com
Website: www.ivankalumiere.com



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