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Delhi-based luxury wall surfaces company, Ventura launches Mabel – the latest in its 3D wall range of panelling

The surface-based experimental design approach of Mabel applies to a wide variety of contexts and applications in interior design, as the shape of the tile creates an illusion of colour shades through the natural reflection of light

Ventura International, a leader in the luxury wall surface arena, has introduced the popular Mabel series in their unique and dramatic 3D range of panelling. 3D wall is the leading brand and creative name of three-dimensional decorative wall panel designs from Europe. Whether the space is modern, minimal or extravagant and luxurious, Mabel 3D Wall series could help light up any room to match its character and style. The series is crafted from the highest-quality materials and built to last, is easy to clean, and adds visual interest to a space.

The brand has been working closely; worldwide, with architects and interior designers to popularise this versatile product range. Mabel is a small polygonal tile in opposing directions that can create a subtle geometric stripe. The configuration of the tiles gives a sense of depth to the wall by playing with the light and shadows created by Mabel’s polygonal geometry.

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This surface-based experimental design approach applies to a wide variety of contexts and applications in interior design. The shape of the tile creates an illusion of colour shades through the natural reflection of light. Manish Maheshwari – director, Ventura International Pvt Ltd., elaborates, “An incredible alternative to wallpaper or simply a coat of paint, 3D wall panel systems lend a strong sense of unique personality to a space, adding texture, visual interest and depth as lighting casts shadows over them.”

A contemporary design, Mabel takes its root from flower petals which are laid on wide spaces in harmony and rhythm. A combined cultural heritage of nature with architecture and inspired petal forms can be seen in Mabel, a product whose design concept is an invitation to imagine, play and create. Each tile in this series moves according to the designer’s dream. The textural wall and ceiling feature of Mabel allows the creation of magnificent designs, giving the wall or ceiling a character of its own. Mabel has modular lines which impact spaces with pattern, texture and colour. The collection is available in Gold, Silver, White, Smoke, Anthracite and Black colours, and are ideal for luxury homes, villas, hotels, malls, offices and other commercial areas where a touch of luxury is needed, adds Maheshwari.

There are two different parts: bottom installation; and upper visual part. The lower part is screwed to the panelling surface, and then the upper visual part is installed on it, by fixing the pin holes of upper visual part to the jags on the lower installation part. The installation method is simple – like the LEGO push-button system. Spline panels can be made more dynamic and alive by installing LED light strips behind them. There is no need to install any framework or adhesive before installation. One just needs to screw the lower installation part to the base surface in the design, orientation, shape required and click fit the 3D wall tiles.

Technical details:: Size: 232 x 100mm /lowest point 12mm, highest point 35mm; Raw material: Strengthened, light and strong copolymer; Panel thickness: 2.0 mm
Available at: Ventura International Pvt Ltd., 1/20, WHS, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015 . Phone: 011- 45546700



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