Uttam Malani, executive director, Centuary Mattresses
Uttam Malani, executive director, Centuary Mattresses

Centuary Mattresses forays into luxury segment with The Hybrid Collection

Centuary Mattresses introduces Micro Spring – a ‘superior technology’ product that promises to enhance the sleep experience

Centuary Mattresses, one of India’s leading mattress brands, announced the launch of The Hybrid Collection, their luxury range that offers superior quality in stylish designs. This launch marks the advent of the firm into the luxury segment category with the latest range targeting the niche customers demanding high-quality products.

Speaking on the occasion, Uttam Malani, executive director, said, “As we continue our growth journey, The Hybrid Collection launch marks our entry into the luxury segment. Not only will this product line enable an incremental addition to our growth each year, but it also positions us uniquely in that segment due to superior product configuration, the introduction of Micro Spring and innovative design.”   

The Hybrid Collection, which boasts of a technologically superior mattress, uses a combination of layers to ensure that customers derive the benefits of comfort, ergonomics, design and aesthetics – making it the first of its kind. Based on Centuary’s Ulti-Matt technology, this product line ensures the right spinal and back support, offering a perfect sleeping experience.

The multiple layers of foams in The Hybrid Collection includes Green Gel Foam to ensure the optimum sleep temperature; Memory Foam to retain the shape of the body and provide maximum comfort; and Contour Cut Foam to provide the best design.

The Hybrid Collection uses the Micro Spring version for the first time

The collection is available in different configurations of 'Pocketed’ and ‘Bonnell Spring'. For the first time in the industry, the Micro Spring version is also offered. The Micro Spring layer in the pillow top provides an additional layer of comfort and support to the body.

The cost of this new product line ranges from Rs.40,000 to Rs.80,000. It also emphasizes its durability by offering a 10-year warranty. The Hybrid Collection is spread across five products – Health Spa, Enigma I, Enigma II, Infinity and Solitaire. The thickness of the mattresses will range between 8 to 10 inches.

The Hybrid Collection is an initiative in the firm’s ambitious business plans to become the top player in the industry. Over the course of the past year, Centuary Mattresses has been making massive investments in technology, automation, people, expansion, new product line segments and branding. These ventures have helped the company to expand its marketing and retail footprint, enhance its brand profile, develop innovative and superior products and reach out to a wider customer base, thereby beating the industry growth rate.

The company was launched in 1988, as an OEM of rubberized coir for a then-popular mattress brand. By early 1990s, Centuary Fibre Plates Private Limited had its own brand, called Centuary Mattresses, which later became a household name in South, East, West and Central India. Today, Centuary Mattresses has a significant presence in the country with over 3,000+ dealers and 300+ exclusive brand stores. At a national level, it is the first mattress manufacturer to hold the ISO 9001 – 2015 certification for its quality management system, the first company to introduce green gel technology and the largest exporter of rubberized coir.

“We are well on the course of growing the revenues steadily at 30% per annum and aim to reach the top slot in the Indian bedding and comfort industry. The consolidated revenue of Centuary Mattresses and its sister company, Shree Malani Foams was INR 415 Crores in the FY 2019. We are expecting The Hybrid Collection to contribute around 5% to our revenue for the FY 2020,” stated Malani.



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