Cipriani Homood unveiled their Dragonfly Collection
Cipriani Homood unveiled their Dragonfly Collection

Ottimo brands available in India, receive acclaim at Salone Del Mobile 2019 in Milan

Lualdi, Gorlini, Cipriani Homood and Momenti, brought to India by Ottimo, created ripples at Milan’s annual design festival

The Salone Del Mobile is a critically-acclaimed, annual furniture trade fair held in Milan in April. It invites global brands to exhibit their latest designs and innovations at a single event. One of the pioneer firms in the field of showcasing the best of Italian furniture in India, Ottimo is the brainchild of Ashok Basoya. Today, it represents some of the best-known brands in Italian interiors alongside its own in-house brand.

Backed by years of expertise and patented technologies, Ottimo’s showcase traverses sofas, beds, doors, walls, flooring, kitchens, children’s rooms, studio apartments, kitchen appliances, home automation and more, in association with other reputed firms such as Lualdi, Gorlini, Cipriani Homood and Momenti.

Showcased at the expo were the creativity, product quality and craftsmanship of Lualdi, an Italian design agency in the field of systems and made-to-measure furnishings, which is now in its fifth generation. The stand, also designed this year by the studio of Piero Lissoni, was “aimed at underlining the creativity of the product by breaking the rigidity of the orthogonal layout.” The new Koan and the Teatro with flush metal inlay were also displayed. The Lualdi products stood out for the technology used, which is associated with increasingly elaborate finishing - the fruit of multiple studies conducted on the treatment of materials.

Gorlini collaborated with Lucespazio lighting design to launch the Framelight Superior and Framelight Vista – two innovative types of window frames. The Superior and Vista fenestrations are enriched by the integration of LED fixtures of small dimensions. Framelight merges with the larger concept of tailoring that characterises Gorlini windows. Via these designs, Gorlini and Lucespazio offer customised lighting solutions with different finishing materials. The new products transform the fixtures into luminous, decorative elements, creating an elegant ambience.

A luxury brand from the historic Tuscan city of Pisa, Cipriani Homood unveiled the Dragonfly Collection, which features rich, contrasting colours, intricate metal inlays and precious marble. The new collection embodies the brand’s ideals of sophisticated designs and understated opulence.

Momenti is renowned for their artistic, customised furniture solutions

Famed for their customised solutions, Momenti presented their unique, artistic furniture at Salone Del Mobile 2019. The graphics collection had been expanded upon thanks to artists and designers for the collections Crazy Paper and Crazy Painting. Among the decors, The Tree of Life and the Scottish thistle (Il Cardo) were presented as two subjects with deep, symbolic undertones. The brand also unveiled new fabrics –cotton, linen, velvet, cotton gauze and a sound-absorbing fabric – that can be applied to classic upholstery. There were more designs for sideboards, bathrooms and flooring by the Crazy Tile collection.

The impressive presence of these brands at the recently-concluded Salone Del Mobile 2019 is a source of pride for Ottimo, a premium furniture centre that offers a specially-curated experience of Italian brands for contemporary interiors.



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