Everest Industries' Fibre Cement Board is made of 40% recycled materials
Everest Industries' Fibre Cement Board is made of 40% recycled materials

Everest Industries presents a 100% eco-friendly product – Fibre Cement Boards

Everest Industries’ Fibre Cement Boards adequately fulfils the promise of ‘One Board Many Applications’

Stronger, faster, more economic construction is what resonates with both architects and consumers these days. Keeping this in mind, over the past 85 years, Everest Industries has been redefining the traditional meaning of boards and panels; utilising them to their full potential as structural tools and design elements that bring out the intrinsic details of interior spaces.

Everest Industries presents a 100% eco-friendly product – Fibre Cement Board, made from 40% recycled material. It combines the aesthetic appeal of wood with the unmatched durability of fibre cement, making it tough and versatile. These boards act as a great substitute for wood and wood based panels and are emerging as a popular choice in construction.

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Fibre Cement Board exudes elegance and works well in both modern and vintage designs. It adequately fulfills the promise of ‘One Board Many Applications’, and can be used to spruce up both interiors and exteriors in myriad ways.

It serves as a cladding solution by giving a damp-proof surface with improved thermal and acoustic insulation. It is suitable for all internal and external wall applications either in new construction or refurbished structures. Exterior cladding can be done with Heavy Duty Boards, Cement Wood Planks or stone cladding.

Drywalls are fibre based cement board wall solutions and are best suited for fast-track construction schedule. Drywalls are lighter, easier to construct and eliminate the ‘drying time’ associated with brick and mortar construction. Ideal for non-load bearing walls, drywalls are cost-effective while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Fibre Cement Boards can be used in traditional flooring and in cavity floors for services. They can withstand significant pressure and can be used in high-footfall areas. Mezzanines, which are extremely popular in residential, commercial and industrial installations, need to use strong and durable boards. Here, the boards act as perfect substrate to final finished floor options with a suitable framework of steel or timber.

Fibre Cement Boards can be used for traditional flooring and wall cladding

This product, that averages a thickness of 8mm, also finds use in partitions, false ceilings, eaves, soffits and even as backlines for kitchens. It can also be used as facia boards to cover ducts and other building services.
A designer can choose to play around with textures, using these boards to add a wonderful contrast to glass or metal blocks and panels around residential or commercial spaces. The result in each case is guaranteed to be instant aesthetic appeal.

What sets the product apart is that it is created using the Hatchek process, enabled with a unique High Pressure Steam Curing (HPSC) technology which offers superior resistance to moisture, termites and fire, unlike other conventional wood-based reconstituted material like plywood, particle board, MDF, etc. Everest’s range of fibre cement boards is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of Portland cement, treated cellulose fibres, finely ground silica quartz and other selected mineral fillers in a state of the art facility using a digitally-controlled process with zero involvement of asbestos – making it environment friendly in nature. The principal components of the mixture are cement and cellulose fibre. Cement acts as a hydraulic binder, and the cellulose fibres interlock with the cement and quartz matrices to add strength to the boards. 

Variations include Multipurpose Cement Boards, Heavy Duty Cement Boards, Designer Cement Boards and Pearl-Designer Cement Boards, each of which offer a unique character. Everest Fibre Cement Board, in combination with different substrate framework like timber, steel and aluminium, offers advanced dry construction solutions in both interior and exterior applications, leveraging space utilisation to the maximum while saving time.

Everest is one of India’s fastest-growing complete building solutions providers. Incorporated in 1934, the firm has a rich history in the manufacturing of building materials and pre-engineered steel buildings. With the brand promise of delivering strength, speed and safety to construction, Everest today offers a complete range of new-age building products for roofing, ceiling, wall, flooring and cladding solutions. Backed by innovation, the company has endeavoured to introduce modern products and green solutions over the last eight decades to meet the evolving requirements of the construction industry.



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