CEO Mathew Job with Soha Ali Khan at the product launch
CEO Mathew Job with Soha Ali Khan at the product launch

Crompton launches anti-bac LED bulb with Envirosafe Technology

Crompton introduces revolutionary new light bulb, designed to kill 85% germs and recommended by Indian Medical Association

One of India’s leading consumer electrical companies, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. recently announced their latest product - a futuristic light bulb that employs environmentally safe technology to kill atmospheric germs. This breakthrough innovation has been approved by the Indian Medical Association and launches the firm into the category of pioneers in the LED industry. The product launch was attended by Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress and celebrity influencer.

Extensive research and clinical trials spanning over a decade have established that visible light of a specific narrow band wavelength can be used for disinfection. This wavelength of light can be emitted continuously for hours in the presence of humans, at no risk to them. Further to the testing done by NABL accredited Lab, the Anti-Bac LED bulb has proven efficacy in killing aspergillus niger, bacillus cerus, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aurus, yeast, molds and a wide spectrum of harmful germs and bacteria, thereby killing up to a percentage of 85% germs within 4 hours. Moreover, the bulb does not emit any UV or IR radiations, which makes it absolutely safe for children, adults, pets and edible items.

The presence of bacteria in homes is generally considered to be an unavoidable by-product of tropical climatic conditions, leading to occasional termites and mold in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. This versatile product responds to the needs of busy individuals by providing peace of mind in knowing their homes are protected, thereby making Crompton the first company in the country to launch a bulb with such dual benefits. As compared to other means of keeping homes germ free, this anti-bacterial LED bulb provides continuous disinfection and involves no extra effort.

The anti-bac LED bulb uses Envirosafe Technology to kill 85% germs

Rajesh Naik, business head- lighting, CGCEL further added, “Light of different wavelengths has been used for various specialised applications for example, UV for sterilization, IR for pain relief, etc. We are putting light to work for our consumers in new and exciting ways. Our consumer insights revealed that the concern on hygiene in homes coupled with leading a quality life is becoming increasingly relevant. We challenged ourselves to make such specialised applications accessible to all LED consumers by providing a very cost effective product that delivers on light output and the elimination of germs. We are delighted to be the first mover in creating a new category in the lighting segment.”

The bulb is easy to install and is currently available in Cool Day White Light with a range of 2 wattages -7W and 9W at an MRP of Rs. 180 and Rs. 190 respectively. The product range will soon expand to include Warm White Light as well.

On the occasion of the launch, Mathew Job, CEO, CGCEL said, “As a leading consumer electricals company, we are committed towards providing solutions through innovation and advanced technology to consumers thereby meeting their changing  needs. Our latest offering is the Anti-Bac LED bulb that kills up to 85% of germs while the light is on and makes the living environment of consumers healthy and safe. Having launched revolutionary products like the Anti-Dust fan range and the Tricool Window cooler, we are elated to be the first company to create a new category within the lighting segment with the launch of Anti-Bac LED bulb and growing the range that fulfils the brand promise of making home a great place to hang out.”

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. is India’s market leader in fans and residential pumps and holds prominent market positions in its other product categories. The business manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of consumer products, ranging from fans, lamps and luminaries to pumps and household appliances such as water heaters, kitchen appliances, etc. The consumer business has a strong dealer base across the country and a wide service network.



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