Isaaka unveiles 'Neher' and 'Nadi' - desktop planters
Isaaka unveiles 'Neher' and 'Nadi' - desktop planters

In time for World Environment Day on June 5, Isaaka launches a new range of planters

Isaaka unveils a collection of vases and planters that could help add a green touch to the modern office

Potted plants are often integral to the soothing ambience that interior designers wish to create. They offer a connection to nature amid the hustle and bustle of urban living. To increase the convenience of achieving this, Bengaluru-based home décor brand Isaaka has introduced a range of out-of-the -box planters for desktops.

‘Neher’ and ‘Nadi’ desktop planters could bring a sense of calm to otherwise stressful commercial interiors. The former is shaped like a can, while the latter takes the form of a jar. Made of ceramic with a colourful play on top, they have a glossy finish. They come with gleaming iron stands finished in gold. The planters are of a conveniently small size which can fit in with the paraphernalia found on office desks, lending sophistication to the clutter. The containers have a small hole at the bottom to drain out water, so plants and succulents can be grown in them directly.

The 'Neher' planters are shaped like cans

The Neher planter can also be used as a vase for cut flowers by inserting a disposable cup for water storage to keep the flowers fresh. Alternatively, it can be used as a holder for cutlery, stationery, make-up brushes or artificial flower arrangements. The total height of the stand and planter is 16.7cm; the height of the planter is 9.7cm and its diameter is 8 cm. The size allows them to be placed on dining tables or consoles. The products are available in blue, pink, green or grey colour options.

Isaaka came into existence when Deepika Mittal, the owner, faced difficulty in procuring unique artifacts for her house at reasonable prices within India. Having an inclination towards art and creativity, she created the brand Isaaka which focuses on wall and garden decor, art pieces and light fixtures. Isaaka aims to give home decor a different concept by combining the creativity of art with objects, to make it a visual treat for customers. Mittal has been involved in the family’s technical textile business for over 20 years.

Isaaka creates aesthetic home decor products with original design concepts. The resulting pieces are both practical and creative; perfect for gifts or personal use.



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