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RAK Ceramics unveils Maximus- Mega Slab collection

Maximus’ porcelain tiles range is available in multiple colours and textures

RAK Ceramics’ new collection, Maximus – Mega Slab aims at creating surreal ambiences. These tiles are aesthetic and equipped for a wide range of customer requirements.

The range offers eight colour and texture options. The elegant palette includes soft cream tones, charcoal black, forest green, shades of deep red and so on. These hues are festive, fiery, fresh or relaxing, depending on the customer’s requirement for the interiors of specific rooms. Maximus tiles can adapt to any style namely, concrete, metal, wood, granite, stone, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, porcelain tiles are extremely robust and are suitable for heavy traffic areas. The material neither decays nor deteriorates over time, making the tiles durable. They are low on porosity, enabling them to easily reject the absorption of liquids. These tiles are also scratch and spill resistant. This makes them a fabulous choice for countertops, backsplashes and shower walls in kitchens and bathrooms respectively. Available in four sizes of 120x240cm, 90x180cm, 80x160cm and 120x120cm, the thickness is 9mm. The slabs can cover surfaces 8ft wide. Due to the extent of the floor coverage, these tiles are installed with minimal joints, giving them a little need for grout. This creates an organised look and makes both installation and cleaning hassle-free processes.

RAK Ceramics is the fourth largest ceramic brand globally and specialises in sanitaryware, countertop surfaces, etc. The Maximus – Mega Slab collection is yet another example of their exemplary craftsmanship and attention to customer needs.



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