Basalt is a collection of vibrant decorative weaves that combine style and elegance with practicality
Basalt is a collection of vibrant decorative weaves that combine style and elegance with practicality

RR Decor unveils Basalt - a new collection of rich textiles

Indian textile company RR Decor launches a versatile collection of decorative weaves that combine style and practicality

Known for their luxurious hand-woven silk fabrics with original designs rooted in Indian traditions that exude a global appeal, RR Decor as a brand, stands apart in the furnishings world. Their latest collection, Basalt, is another example of their skill woven with modern sensibilities.

Basalt is a versatile collection of vibrant decorative weaves that is the epitome of style, elegance and practicality. Its sumptuous textures inject luxury and richness into any space. The collection boasts of a cheerful palate that adds an element of playfulness to statement upholstery. 

The range comprises luxurious hand-woven silk fabrics

Conceived mostly in monotones, the beautiful, smooth weaves lend these textiles a pleasing sheen. The pliable fabrics also have an exquisite drape that further lends elegance. As a result, the textiles are suitable for both drapes and upholstery. They are easily washable, making Basalt an irresistible option for home interiors.

A pioneer in the weaving of handloom silks, RR Decor is India’s premier textile design company that focuses on the originality of designs. They design and market exclusive furnishings and upholstery for residential and interior projects.

Most research into the firm’s fabrics begin at least 12 months in advance, with an emphasis on more innovative trends – which range from contemporary art to extreme experimentation by international design houses, who are instrumental in the designing of their collections.



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