The cheetah is the first in the Lalique-McLaren Essence of Speed Collection
The cheetah is the first in the Lalique-McLaren Essence of Speed Collection

Lalique – McLaren introduces the Essence of Speed collection in India

A brand under the aegis of Emery Studio, Lalique – McLaren launches their bespoke lighting series in India

The collaboration between Lalique and McLaren, two greats from disparate fields, resulted in the Essence of Speed range – a joint tribute to the famed crystal maker and one of the most iconic manufacturers of high-performance sports cars teams in Formula One history. Bespoke lighting specialist Emery Studio brings to India the coveted Lalique-McLaren Essence of Speed collection.

Launched in 2018, Essence of Speed depicts three stylised creatures – symbols of speed – in clear crystal, each interpreted in two sizes. These collector’s pieces in limited editions will be released over a three-year period. The first icon of speed incorporated into the collection was a stunning sprinting cheetah, the fastest mammal on earth. This year, the range expands with the second symbol, an awe-inspiring falcon in flight. Both of these predators, known for their elegance and speed, are great sources of inspiration for McLaren’s designers.

Fashioned in satin-finished crystal, emblematic of Lalique, the Cheetah and the Falcon are available in a smaller standing edition, limited to 375 (the same number as the limited edition P1 supercar) and a spectacular larger piece created using the lost-wax technique in an edition of 20 to commemorate the 20 Formula One World Championships that McLaren has won so far.

The Cheetah and the Falcon are available in two size variations

As far as collaborations go, this one between McLaren and Lalique is legendary – both are leaders in their fields, with passion and dedication at their core and a shared inspiration drawn from nature.
René Lalique, celebrated jeweller and the founder of his eponymous brand, was also inspired by ‘flore, faune et femme’ (flora, fauna and the feminine) and his iconic car mascots reflecting all three were some of his best-known pieces created in the 1920s and 1930s, gracing radiator caps as a symbol of prestige. Each one is still sought after by fastidious collectors today.

Emery Studio specialises in customised lighting and home designing solutions for interior designers and architects and exclusively represents some of the finest international designer lighting and home accessories brands in India. The brands under the Emery umbrella define French luxury and are handcrafted with the finest of materials and techniques.

Founded in 1888, Lalique has endured as the ultimate symbol of French luxury. Today, the vision of the brand is to expand the creative genius of its founder by creating breath-taking perfume bottles in crystal, reviving exciting and emotional jewellery designs, pushing the limits of the factory by creating decorative objects with its signature satin contrasts and collaborating with renowned artists to produce limited editions in crystal to recreate its cultural heritage.



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