Xylos flooring has the aesthetic appeal of solid wood and is cost-effective
Xylos flooring has the aesthetic appeal of solid wood and is cost-effective

Xylos introduces Hybrid Engineered Flooring in India

Xylos’ new product offers a durable, cost-effective option with an elegant finish

Any multi-starred hotel, fine dining venue or dream home deserves only the very best in terms of décor and flooring. Designers prefer elegant, durable and cost-effective options that have the classic aesthetic appeal of solid wood, with none of the added hassle.

Xylos presents a solution with their unique innovation called ‘Hybrid Engineered Flooring’. Superior to ordinary engineered wood, Hybrid Engineered Flooring consists of a blend of sliced solid wood with a UV coating and a ‘wear layer’ that makes it scratch-and-spill proof. The tough hybrid core is a special mix of limestone and polypropelene, with a backing layer. As the core is a uniquely-formulated hybrid, it is resistant to termites and fire, and is designed to withstand the pressure of high-footfall areas. The ease of installation is appreciable, wherein slim planks measuring 1200mm x 165mm x 7mm can be laid over existing floors and, based on requirement, be uplifted and re-laid in another location later.

Xylos Hybrid Engineered Flooring is available in several colour options

This new technology is available at affordable pricing in seven exciting shades, from Oak to Hickory. This enables customers to enjoy the natural beauty of wooden flooring with its warm, inviting tones without the hassles caused by fluctuations of humidity and temperature, which cause wood to shrink or expand.

Xylos is a brand from Samling Global, a Malaysian conglomerate that designs wood flooring and cladding products to enhance the décor and aura of living spaces. The firm’s portfolio comprises flooring solutions that include engineered wood, solid wood, laminate, bamboo and external wooden decking as well as wood-based wall coverings. Xylos aims to provide trendy and premium flooring solutions that bring international quality to customers in India.



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