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RR Decor unveils Armadilo, a range of faux leather furnishings for India

Armadilo is perfect for adding a colour block feature to an interior space, and requires very little maintenance

Famed for their luxurious hand-woven silk fabrics with designs rooted in Indian traditions yet exuding universal appeal, RR Decor as a brand stands apart in the furnishings world. Keeping up with the current trends, they have introduced a collection of faux leather furnishings – Armadilo – that is designed to steal hearts with its sophisticated look.

With its supple character and irresistible soft feel, the Armadilo faux leather is extremely versatile. This textural faux leather has a beautiful hand and surface feel, and is perfect for upholstery and cushions. Use it to cover sofas, chairs, ottomans and benches - and it will evoke an unmistakable opulence. The luxurious surfaces could turn furniture into stunning and sophisticated art pieces.

The Armadilo collection is characterised by vibrant shades of blue and almost neon-like yellow and fuchsia, juxtaposed with neutral tones of grey, offering a gorgeous palette of colours. With these solid, bright shades, Armadilo is perfect for adding a colour block feature to an interior space. Added to that, this high-performance faux leather needs very little maintenance. You need to just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it clean and shining as new.

A pioneer in the weaving of handloom silks, RR Décor is one of India’s premier textile design companies, with a focus on originality of designs. They design and market exclusive furnishing and upholstery fabrics for residential and contract interiors. RR Décor fabrics begin life in the design department where a team of artists, designers and stylists put their ideas into practice. An essential tool at the creative stage is the company’s in-depth study of ancient fabrics fused with modern-day eccentricities. Most research into RR Décor fabrics start at least 12 months in advance, with special focus on more innovative trends which range from contemporary art to experimentation by international design houses, who are instrumental in the designing of their collections.



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