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7 Pillars' design studio launched in Bengaluru

To provide a unique experience of an aesthetic interior design boutique, 7 Pillars launched its store in the garden city

7 Pillars, an interior styling boutique, has just launched its store in Namma Bengaluru. Strategically located in Koramangala 6th Block, the boutique is curated to help people experience and understand the aesthetics of interior designing. The store has been launched by architect siblings Garima and Akshay Kumar, who share a common love – to create and curate art pieces.

Influenced by global cultures and the elements of Indian sensibilities, the store has collections that consist of carefully curated sculptures, premium furniture, decorative rugs & carpets, accent lighting, unconventional modern pieces of furniture and one-of-a-kind art pieces. 7 Pillars specialises in providing expert guidance on styling homes, retail spaces, cafes, restaurants and pretty much any space that needs to be uplifted. Apart from their array of collections, the store has a space for workshops, events and exhibitions.

Commenting on the store launch, Akshay Kumar, co-founder of 7 Pillars stated, “Our goal is to bring art that defines your personality and adds a luxurious charm to your space. Each piece you see in our boutique is handpicked by us from local craftsmen, and each piece has its own charismatic story. Our vision is to revive past traditions and art forms with an urban touch.” 

“We believe that the open-spaced store will help people to not only experience art - but also understand it, as it is vital if you are looking to create a space of your dreams,” said Garima Kumar, co-founder of 7 Pillars.

This extraordinary space is open to host a variety of workshops, showcases, events and exhibitions. 7 Pillars is available to anyone who wants to do pop-ups or even sell their products in the store.