IOTA Introduces Innovation Living, a premium brand from Denmark

The Danish brand has introduced Innovation Living, a modular series of sofa-cum-beds that live up to the requirements of a modern living space

In recent times, urbanisation has restricted the sizes of homes. When space shrinks, the demand for smart furniture increases - and this could solve many purposes. There has to be space for children to play - but at the same time, there must be a cosy corner, offering tranquillity to work or relax.

Cubed from Innovation Living

Keeping this in mind, IOTA Boutique Furniture - a premium destination for ultra-luxury modern brands such as Ligne Roset, Kartell, Lenzi, NAOS and many more - have introduced Innovation Living's modular series of sofa-cum-beds that live up to the requirements of modern living space.

The collection is attractive enough to be displayed with pride in a living room and spacious enough for one to sleep there. Great variations in styles allow one to choose the design that would fit in perfectly with the existing decor.

According to Namit Ajmani - MD, IOTA Boutique Furniture, “Innovation Living  is a Danish furniture company built on the proud traditions of Danish design. They believe that form and function must go hand-in-hand to create innovative and durable designs for everyday use. Since 1989, they have dedicated themselves to the design and development of multi-functional sofa beds and, today, they are proud to be able to call Innovation Living an internationally-renowned sofa bed specialist. We at IOTA are pleased to be associated with such a brand of repute and are all set to provide their premium range.”

The Cubed sofa looks like a compact couch and turns into a double bed equivalent

The range of sofa cum beds are available in three different styles:

Aslak has a mattress that offers support, both, while sitting or sleeping.

Aslak is ideal for 'clean design' lovers. Wooden legs and adjustable headrest make this couch the ultimate luxury by day. Convert this sofa into a bed retaining the headrest as per your comfort. The sofa mattress is made up of multiple layers of mesh and foam that offer support while sitting as well as sleeping.

Cubed sofa: The cubed sofa, as the name suggests, looks like a compact couch and, when tuned into a bed, converts to a double bed equivalent. This feature makes it the perfect choice for home owners who desire small-sized and sophisticated pieces.

Eivor has machinery that magically reveals the bed hidden within the sofa

Eivor is a classic example of the use of machinery in product design. The sofa holds a bed inside it, and the mattress sits comfortably hidden inside the couch. When converted into a bed, the multi-pocket based design unfolds the masterpiece within.

With IOTA, it is possible to combine design brilliance and innovation, as their range of sofa-cum-beds proves.

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