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Nordic style rhino bookshelf by Casa Exotique

Casa Exotique in Gurgaon is flooding the market with versatile designs suited for a variety of uses - like this unique bookshelf

While furniture needs to be functional and there is not much room for pieces that take up floor space - espeically in crowded cities where land comes at a premium, design can find ways to make conversation pieces that add aesthetic value or a funky vibe. 

This Nordic-style rhino-shaped bookshelf by Casa Exotique, Gurgaon, speaks volumes about humankind's love for knowledge and wildlife. Made from bleach plywood, it also comes with a lot of flexibility with regards to use and the colour palette that you are following for, as customisation is possible in terms of colours and finishes. This thoughtfully curated bookshelf is available in many colour options such as natural wood, brown and black.

The spacious top and two large shelves acknowledge the worth of precious books, unique manuscripts, and classic movies. This artistic 4ft x 3ft bookshelf, with its high strength and durability, has a compact design and can also be used as sideboard/coffee table or a multi-purpose desk.

The Nordic rhino can be used around living spaces to act as a functional display piece and add a high style quotient with its unique design. It can also serve as a great piece which can be used for multiple functions ranging from children’s room, bedrooms or even transition spaces. To keep one's current reads, newspapers handy and well organised, this piece of furniture is an ideal solution.

Due to its legitimate connection with forests, people enjoy pristine aesthetics of the processed wood and can feel closer to nature. This piece will enhance modern interiors with its strong minimalistic representation of a rhino, as its name suggests. It can be easily assembled because of its modular design, and the extensive ways in which it could be used are the major perks it comes with.



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