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Bhawana Bhatnagar of Casa Exotique specialises in exotic home decor

The innovative collection of bookshelves launched by the founder of the brand revolves around the wildlife theme

Casa Exotique, one of north India’s emerging interior design brands, has procured an exotic range of home decor on the wildlife theme under its autumn collection. From sturdy stallions to powerful rhinos, and adorable sheep to sprightly reindeer, the collection is full of wild beauties and an artistic tribute to nature by mankind. 

Made from the bleach plywood, the beautifully carved bookshelves in Casa Exotique’s new collection are available in many colour options such as natural wood, brown, and black. Their spacious tops can also be used as a study table or simply consoles to provide platforms for coffee-table books, vases and other items of decor. Deep vertical shelves are best to store or display photo albums, newspapers and tabloids, while horizontal shelves acknowledge very well the worth of precious books, unique manuscripts and classic movies.

However, there are umpteen ways to use these decor items as per the availability of space and theme of the room, such as sideboard/ coffee table or a multi-purpose desk. These brilliantly-crafted furniture pieces are not only ideal for a reading room, but can also accentuate the interior of a drawing or living room.

While describing the collection, Bhawana Bhatnagar, founder and interior stylist of Casa Exotique, said, “Due to the legitimate connection with forests, people enjoy pristine aesthetics and can feel closer to nature. Casa Exotique has created a new benchmark for remarkable interiors in the industry, and this bookshelves’ collection is a fine medley of primitive beauty and human perfection.”

“Animal prints have always been one of the trendiest looks for home decor and furniture - but these 'wild' bookshelves from the Casa Exotique not only enhance the beauty of the surroundings, but surely bring in an aura of the chic and the classy,” commented Bhatnagar.  

*Customisation is possible in terms of colour and finish.
Availability: Casa Exotique, Gurgaon

Bhawana Bhatnagar - founder – Casa Exotique 


Bhawana Bhatnagar has a passion for interior design and decorates spaces to infuse them with beauty and vivaciousness. The young entrepreneur is an interior stylist and founder of the capital’s interior design brand – Casa Exotique, which has become synonymous with exquisite and impeccable taste. She is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, where she completed the executive programme in international business.

Bhatnagar has been working to redefine industry norms with bespoke solutions and advanced procurement strategies. Offering high user experience to clients is her mantra of success - so when clients demand exotic articles, she arranges overseas tours for them in countries such as Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, and China. She, along with her team of designers and procurement specialists, work diligently to interpret each client’s needs and aspirations and fulfill them with offbeat solutions.

The maven with a multitude of creative skills - including music (she plays the piano beautifully too - is always busy in pursuing her imagination and moulding her ideas into the celebrated works of art. Her ingenious design sense is appreciated by many distinguished personalities and corporate clients. The masterpieces she develops in the atelier of Casa Exotique become cynosures of all eyes at various national and international exhibitions.

The stylist leads an integrated team of interior designers, architects, graphic designers and project managers who have the passion for creating spaces that reflect the vision of its customers. Their collaborative efforts and highly professional work approach brought Casa Exotique the runaway success it has enjoyed since its inception.



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