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Frazer and Haws launches classic range of silver home accessories in India

The candlestands and tea-light holders are designed with intricate detailing and fine silver that is bound to add grandeur and elegance to a home, apart from lighting up the surroundings

The magnificent collection of candlestands and tea-light holders by Frazer and Haws are crafted in silver and are available in various styles. They are designed with intricate detailing and fine silver that is bound to add grandeur and elegance to a home, apart from lighting up the surroundings. With these candlesttands, you can give a contemporary look to any living space and instantly transform the vibe of a home.

1. Candlestand Eureka – Rs. 24,400
2. Candlestand Melody – Rs.17,700
3. Candlestand Lily Buds – Rs.24,000
4. Candlestand Lily Satan – Rs.26,800
5. Candlestand Salsa – Rs.12,100
6. Candlestand Flower & Leaf – Rs.18,700
7. Tea-light Kamal Amardeep – Rs.18,400
8. Tea-light Leaf – Rs.13,100

Candle Stand Flower & Leaf – Rs.18,700

Available at: 11, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 110003; Tel: 7643020202
Crown House, A 265, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024; Tel: 7644020202

About Frazer and Haws:
Frazer and Haws is a 150 year old British brand that contributes to silver-skills and metal-work techniques for many past decades, put together under the sobriquet Art-in- silver. Frazer and Haws prides itself for being commissioned by silverware collectors, and form an integral part of private collections. Past clients include statesmen and notable families around the world. Most creations are limited editions or privately customised, all of which are hallmarked with the purity of 92.5% sterling silver. Frazer And Haws, international silversmith, were the first in the country to produce contemporary design-craft by combining various materials like metals, wood, resin, and stone.

Candlestand Lily Satan – Rs.26,800

Fine British craftsmen, then Indian craftsmen, catapulted this precious metal-worker, Frazer and Haws, to serve the needs of the baronial and the imperial requirements of eminent statesmen like Queen Victoria, King George V and Queen Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Winston Churchill, Edwina – Countess Mountbatten, Admiral Lord Nelson, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Queen Alexandra and Edward VII, Elton John, and the contemporary film fraternity, amongst who are Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Yash Raj Chopra, Rani Mukherjee. Frazer and Haws has set a precedent in the world of meticulously crafted silverware.

Candlestand Melody – Rs.17,700

The New Delhi workshop, set up in 1994, brought together skilled workers from UP, Bengal and Rajasthan, and further trained by London-based silversmiths like the eminent Clive Burr and Barry who was restoration specialist for Buckingham Palace. For the last 25 years, its craft is carried out at a multi-skilled workshop in New Delhi. All Frazer and Haws products have three unique marks punched on the surface. Known as ‘hallmarks’ these guarantee the content of the silver used in the item. The Frazer and Haws hallmark is registered with the Hall of Assays in London.

Hallmarking, first introduced in 1300, has acted as a safeguard to gold and silver purchasers ever since. It is one of the most important forms of consumer protection and, now, also covers platinum. The first mark is the ‘Sponsor’s Mark’ indicating the product’s manufacturer. The second is the ‘Standard Mark’ denoting the precious metal content of the alloy from which the item is made. The last one, ‘Date Letter’ shows the year in which the article was hallmarked.

Frazer And Haws craft is more than just beautiful. Its founding partners, John Frazer And Edward Haws who formerly worked with crown jeweller, Garrard's & Co, registered their hallmark in c1869 at London’s Worshipful Goldsmiths’ Hall, and began retail on one of Europe’s most elegant commercial streets at the time, 31, Regent Street. Frazer & Haws opened its doors on the 1st of January, 1869. One of Frazer And Haws’s first customer was Her Majesty Queen Victoria of Great Britain, a commission through Garrard’s & Co.

The silver tea set crafted by Frazer And Haws in c1895 is inspired by the Indian lotus, which shows that influence of the Orient and Indian symbols had deeply impressed the design sensibilities of top silversmiths and jewellers of England. Frazer And Haws in India has for the past 25 years continued the art of impressing Indian culture upon Frazer And Haws craft and design - a continuity of heritage.



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