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Baccarat La Maison launches crystal-studded furniture and accessories

The French crystal brand of elegant furniture, lights and accessories is brought to India by Seetu Kohli Home

As the party season nears, spruce up the spaces you design - especially dining rooms and bars - with crystal-studded furniture, lights and accessories from none other than the iconic Baccarat La Maison. The French crystals legend is brought to India by Seetu Kohli Home, the high-end architecture and luxury interior design company renowned for representing some of the top-notch global luxury brands in India.

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The glorious legend of Baccarat La Maison spans over 250 years. It has perfected the art of transforming matter into an object of desire. Their exquisite furniture, lighting, and decoration are a celebration of French craftsmanship and crystal perfection. Baccarat La Maison also boasts of the highest number of award-winning craftsmen in France, more than any other French luxury House.


Grand Soiree Bar Cabinet: Designed by Jacques Grange, this dazzling bar cabinet is a masterpiece that interprets the Baccarat La Maison world of glamour. The outer frame contains 488 crystals on a steel frame and comes with an option of LED lighting on the base.

Phebe Small Square Suspensions / Chandelier: Designed by the famed designer Arik Levy, the light comprises a steel frame with hanging crystals. The bottom is fitted with an extra-clear tempered glass, sandblasted and etched, with an octagonal crystal gem in rouge colour that provides an ironic flashback to the Baccarat La Maison iconography.

Phebe Big Rectangular Chandelier: Dreamy light, geometric shapes and transparency pay homage to the Baccarat La Maison crystal tradition in this collection designed by Arik Levy. The Phebe lampshades play on crystal’s modularity by offering a range of lighting solutions featuring the octagonal rouge or clear colour crystals set into the diffuser.

Apollon Small Mirror (with Cold Light on): The gorgeous mirror, designed by Chafik has an outer frame with extra-clear curved mirror and crystal points crown with optional LED lighting. The crystal elements arranged around the entire perimeter match splendidly with the Apollon mirror forming an impressive, unexpected masterpiece.

Baccarat La Maison Tuile Table: The striking Tuile Table is made of wood veneered Red American Elm or Ebony Wayan, with glossy brushed finishing with octagonal crystal gem in rouge colour. The lightness of the magnificent, elegant silhouettes and long legs of the Grande Table can grace any space and form the ideal centre piece for the room.

Baccarat La Maison Clio Chair: From the most classic and elegant of ideas comes the Clio project, whose soul lies in the double–cloth fabric on the back of the backrest: an ironic, iconic optical illusion emphasized by two small, memorable Baccarat La Maison octagonal crystals.


A high-end architecture and luxury interior design company based in New Delhi, Seetu Kohli Home represents several global luxury brands like Ralph Lauren Home, Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Baccarat La Maison, Ritz Paris, Trussardi Casa, Bugatti Home, Heritage, Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Etro Home Interiors, and Gianfranco Ferre Home.

An architect and a design fanatic, Seetu Kohli’s passion for enhancing the contemporary lifestyle resulted in Ace Maison, which exclusively represents the world’s leading brands of furniture and accessories in India.

The Private Label by SeetuKohli Home custom-designs furniture as per the client’s requirements for any location. The custom-made furniture, either in Italy or in India, is supplied all over the world. A significant presence in India, SeetuKohli Home has completed several projects across UAE, UK, Africa and USA.

Situ Kohli Home, Qatar, exclusively provides services to the Middle-East market, and has executed several projects involving high-end palaces, luxury hotels, residences and offices in Qatar.


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