A silk rug from the Rubab collection.
A silk rug from the Rubab collection.

Delhi-based Obeetee, one of India's largest manufacturers of handmade rugs, unveils seven rug collections

The new offerings are inspired by traditional techniques, reinterpreted for moden sensibilities

THE RUBAB COLLECTION: Loomed by hand, the collection depicts tessellated patterns inspired from Islamic architecture, encapsulating the modern layout and motifs in pure silk. The precision of knotting lends beautiful definition that's softened by the striated shading of the pure silk yarns. This hand-knotted collection celebrates the authentic character of antique carpets, re-envisioned from a modern point of view. The sketched motifs are updated on a relaxed scale, in a polished distressed silk rug. These versatile rugs evoke the patina and textural transitions imparted by generations of use!

THE MUSEUM COLLECTION: This line pays homage to history and rug artistry. Inspired y the grand antiquity of Mamluk rugs and the Persian finesse of Tabriz and Sultanabad rugs, this collection pays homage  to the great dynasties that have ruled civilizations in the past. Woven at 300 knots/square inch, using the finest wools in scarlet, rust brown, saffron gold -- the likes of these rugs have been laid out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Each of these masterpieces tell a story from the centuries gone.

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THE REKHTA COLLECTION: A melange of myriad colours, fibres and inspirations synthesized into a unique design palate, the Rekhta collection achieves it’s extravagance through an authentic Turkish knotting technique binding together the vegetable-dyed wool and finest silk fetched from bespoke sources. Floral and geometrical elements intricately blended to form soothing yet imperious patterns for this collection. 

THE BOHO COLLECTION: The collection treads the path not taken and sets its own conventions and practices. Inspired from Asian tribal patterns, the beautiful motifs of this collection express inner feelings and thoughts. A spectrum of colours are used for this, ranging from blues to brown, greys with mineral greens and naturals with bold, gold shades are layered with a unique wash that retains the rugs timeless appeal.

THE OPULENCE COLLECTION: This stunning collection of contemporary design brings paintings, photographs and artistic impressions to the loom. The weaver becomes an artist, drawing inspiration from elements of nature to create woven fantasies. Hand-knotted with fine Afghan wool and silk, in a rich colour palette, a special oxidation process makes this collection look worn out yet classic, creating ambience of luxury and comfort at the cutting edge of design.

THE ANJALI COLLECTION: Brought into life by Obeetee's skilled weavers, Anjali finds inspiration in traditional rugs of Oushak, Kazak and Turkey. Woven with a semi-twisted yarn made of fine Sardinian wool, these rugs possess an amazing texture. They are bathed with a special substance to enhance the luster and give a warm handmade feel.

TARUN TAHILIANI x OBEETEE: For this range, Obeetee joined hands with India’s celebrated fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani. The collection, centered on the ‘Proud to be Indian’ theme, showcases quintessential Indian designs for the first time in the country’s artistic rug heritage. The initiative was led by Obeetee's design team and supported by India’s leading couturiers. 

Availability: Obeetee Flagship Store, Sultanpur Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Obeetee is one of the largest handmade rug makers in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world. The outstanding quality of its products have earned the interest of many famous and notable people. Founded as Oakley Bowden & Taylor in 1920, Obeetee has grown to 650 permanent employees and works with 15,000 independent artisans who are engaged in weaving and processing rugs in India. The Rashtrapati Bhavan is home to two majestic Obeetee rugs, the largest measuring 452sq-m and containing billions of intricate knots.

Obeetee is the first company to receive the coveted SA 8000:2001 certification for Social Accountability and adheres to strict standards in every area of conduct -- from working hours and collective bargaining to workers’ safety and health. The company strongly supports children education, access to sanitation and women’s economic empowerment in the villages where it operates.



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