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Super Surfaces create art with concrete finishes

A fusion of art and science, the bespoke wall, ceiling and floor finishes use Italian lime-plaster and micro-cements

Bringing back ancient Roman techniques of using Venetian plaster, Super Surfaces is a design and delivery company that specialises in seamless luxury wall and surface finishing.  As a quintessential fusion of art and science, Super Surfaces creates authentic and bespoke wall, ceiling and floor finishes using Italian lime-plaster and micro-cements. At Super Surfaces, this technique is matched with an impeccable design that makes any regular surface a masterpiece in its own right, transforming the space into haute art

Micro topping and Venetian plasters are the two product segments that the company specialises in to create their seamless finishes - like this season’s attractive Concrete Finish. It is an elegant and urban textural design that invokes a sense of subtle sensitivity and has serenely minimal aesthetics. The versatile nature of this finish is perfectly suited to modern architecture and can be used on walls and ceilings both indoors and outdoors

About Super Surfaces :

SuperSurfaces is the first Indian company, and one of the very few across the world, that exclusively specialises in this ancient technique of wall decoration, giving it a modern contour. A design-solution based company, it strives to look beyond just catalogues and lists. Customisation, creativity, technique – these are their three pillars. Super Surfaces is a perfect choice for all the "decorative dreamers" that provide the perfect finish for interior spaces.



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