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Sunon brings its modern office furniture to India

Three new cutting-edge products from the globally-known office furniture brand - Aveza, H’UP and UP1 - are scheduled to be launched on 20th November

Founded in 1991, Sunon has risen to the ranks of a global leader in workspace furniture design. Following its 28 years' worth of intensive R&D and state-of-the-art design solutions, Sunon has established itself as a force to reckon with in the workspace design sector. By December 2018, Sunon had obtained 852 patents, building a global sales network covering over 110 countries. Today, Sunon has already created world-class offices for over 160 Global Fortune 500 companies globally, and is working incessantly towards fulfilling its vision of being one of the top three most admired office furniture brands in the world.

The brand’s colossal success is powered by their perseverance in constantly innovating product designs and meeting the best quality standards in the manufacturing process of the products. By constantly expanding its international presence through numerous worldwide ventures and associations, Sunon looks forward to creating breakthrough products and redefining the landscape of the workspace furniture industry.

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Sunon, a globally-known name to reckon with for modern office furniture and with a focus on utility and efficiency, has developed three new cutting-edge products — the spectacular Aveza and H’UP office chairs, that elevate the experience of sitting in an office chair to a whole new level, and the UP1 Height Adjustable Table, which breaks the redundancies of office desks and promotes well-being at work. Aveza, H’UP and UP1 are scheduled to be launched on 20th November 2019 in India.

Aveza – Defying rigidity

Aveza: A suitable office chair, is good company in the nine-to-five working life. Designed by the German design studio Form and Brand using cutting edge technology, the Aveza series draws inspiration from the wings of a soaring bird. It is a chair that moves with the movement of your body while keeping its balance, helping you break out of the sedentary work style and adding more dynamism to your work life.

H’UP- The Spine Companion

H’UP: These innovative and intuitive chairs come equipped with a backrest that follows and moulds itself according to your spinal pattern. It is adjustable within a range of 50mm and covers 130mm in height difference. Designed by Italian design firm Claudio Bellini, H’UP embraces the idea of flexibility through first-class ergonomics. With the support of the artistically-designed H-shaped backrest, H’UP is the chair perfect for you and the requisite need to support your back through strenuous working hours.

UP1- Breaking Traditions

UP1: UP1, an innovative solution to change and elevate the way you work. UP1, like a reliable health guardian around you, reminds you to switch between sitting and standing and foster healthy work culture. Frequently changing body positions helps reduce physical and mental stress so one can stay engaged, energetic and participative at work. UP1 is considerately designed to allow you to take regular breaks from standing and sitting at the touch of a button and encourages a more health-conscious work environment.



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