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Arnaya joins hands with Gauri Khan to reimagine marble and stone for Indian homes

The brand, an extension of the Kiran Trivedi Group, recognises the natural beauty of marble and stone - and blends it with wood, metals and semi-precious stones to create bespoke collaboration with Gauri Khan; the range of products include art, home furniture, sinks, bathtubs, as well as accessories for walls and floors

With an eye for luxury, Arnaya is an international lifestyle brand rooted in a long history of quality craftsmanship and design innovation. An extension of the Kiran Trivedi Group, one of the leading marble and stone manufacturers worldwide. Arnaya recognises the natural beauty of marble and stone - and reimagines it by blending it with wood, metals and semi-precious stones to create bespoke designs.

Kiran Trivedi Group is one of the largest integrated stone groups today. As pioneers of mechanised marble quarrying in India, they are industry leaders in the stone quarrying, processing and designing business.

Their state-of-the-art technology ensures quality and precision in the wide range of custom fabricated stonework they have to offer. Their expertise lies in designing, fabricating, producing and delivering finest quality stone to the most intricate design backed with an in-house team of designers and architects that ensure quality, elegance and, above all, originality.

The collaboration between Gauri Khan and Arnaya has seen the most gorgeous pieces in marble and stone. Composed of distinct collections, encompassing living, landscape, bath, surfaces, and art and beyond, the pieces are custom designed to offer a tailored experience. The range of products include art, home furniture, sinks, bathtubs, accessories for walls and floors - all crafted from natural stone materials expertly curated from around the world with the added elegance of Khan’s eye of expertise in home furnishings.

“Gauri Khan is known for her gorgeous designs and beautifully crafted pieces. Her interior designer self has the imagination of creating simple yet exquisite products that can define elegance in your home. At Arnaya, Gauri’s versatile designs come to life, carved in stone with precision technology”- Manan Trivedi, managing director, Arnaya

The theme of the interior design is sustainability and choosing natural materials, maintains the brand. There are also new colours that are great to introduce to any home, just like 'old new' styles and designing tricks. With Arnaya and the natural materials like marble and stone, the designs can make the simplest product add beauty and elegance to a room.

Escape Peg Table: A brilliant composition of a cone in white marble with a subtle beige veining complemented by a circular disc of green marble. The tip of the cone escapes the disc, making for a lovely display of escapism.

“Being a designer is all about taking up challenges. Working with marble was a new and exciting concept. I think learning the art of designing for marble, although it seemed as a great challenge, makes the ability to deliver something excellent more exciting. Working with Arnaya and marbles has proved to be an amazingly fruitful collaboration. I am proud of all the designs. Each design is as unique as the next.” - Gauri Khan on her collaboration with Arnaya.

A collaboration where art meets elegance, the products can be termed as extravagant yet simple and can elevate the look of a home.



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