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GM launched Occhio at the Aces of Space Design Awards 2019

Amidst the who's who of the architecture and design industry in India, GM Modular announced that it has a sole distribution right for the luxurious lighting brand from Germany

One of the highlights of the grand finale of the Aces of Space Design Awards 2019 was GM’s announcement of its newest venture with Occhio, a luxurious lighting brand from Germany – wherein GM has a sole distribution right for the brand.

Occhio, established in the heart of Munich by Axel Meise in 1999, is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies in the lighting industry as well as Germany's market leader for premium design luminaires. With its striking design and excellent light quality, the comprehensive, multi-functional luminaire system from the brand excited consumers right from the very beginning. Occhio connects spaces and enables a uniform lighting design to be integrated throughout entire buildings. Sophisticated technology facilitates exceptional sweeping presentations of light through individual configurations. The company's philosophy is informed in part by its desire to empower people to become their own lighting designers.

The uniqueness of Occhio’s lighting products were illustrated by Rajesh Sharma, director, GM Modular (second from left) and Nadine Lachmund, technical head, Occhio, during the grand launch in the presence of Indrajeet Saoji, director, ITP Media Group (India) and special awardees Prof. Christopher Benninger and Kamal Malik (extreme right)

Shaped by its founder’s passion for light, the brand’s innovative product portfolio comprises four series. Series X is expressive and elegant in equal measure, and includes the award-winning masterpiece Mito, the iconic arc luminaires Mito largo and Mito raggio, and the reinterpreted Mito linear system. Mito is distinguished by the ‘cut’ that not only shapes the luminaire’s silhouette, but also underscores the exceptional work that produced it. The series' exceptionally high-quality optics ensure perfect illumination with the highest efficiency. Thanks to a range of sophisticated lighting effects, including directed, glare-free light downward and diffuse light upward, varied lighting scenarios can be created depending on the mood and situation.

The Sento and Più luminaire and spotlight systems make up Series L. Whether used as a table, floor, wall, ceiling or suspended luminaire, they make a compelling statement with their clear lines and versatility. The series offers flexibility in both commercial and private settings and opens the door to comprehensive system solutions. While Sento’s ‘touchless control’ feature allows the light to be switched on or off or dimmed with a simple gesture, Più’s lens seems to 'float', giving the spotlight its unmistakable character.

Infused with their very own form of aesthetics, io, lui and lei (Italian for I, he and she) of Series M draw inspiration from shapes that bring to mind clear geometric elements: the sphere, the cone, the cylinder. All the luminaires produce captivating, three-dimensional mobility that allows light to be flexibly directed in a room. Each family of luminaires is in itself a highlight – but together, they create an extraordinary system.

Occhio has also been serving the outdoor segment since 2018 with its Series E luminaires. The new Sito series consists of wall, ceiling, floor and path luminaires – which, together, create a comprehensive system that can be customised to meet user needs and all architectural and garden requirements. Sito uses the revolutionary VOLT light engine, which enables the luminaire to be connected without needing an external power-supply unit. The result: compact dimensions and superior flexibility.

GM and Occhio have planned this venture with a strong vision of bringing a revolution in the premium lighting segment — and the Indian markets will soon see Occhio lighting in the name of Occhio store by GM, beginning with an exclusive store at Laxmi Industrial estate, Mumbai.



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