Upholstery design - Acton
Upholstery design - Acton

Vescom introduces Acton, Rolla and Dikson upholstery fabrics

A unique combination of high performance and distinctive texture characterise the three newly-launched colourful and ultra-durable fabrics meant for upholstery

Vescom’s colourful and ultra-durable new upholstery fabrics, Acton, Rolla and Dikson, all have a unique texture. Developed and produced in Vescom’s own weaving mill, these highly wear-resistant upholstery fabrics are perfect for intensive contract use.

Acton: a must-have for the office market
Acton is a strong basic upholstery fabric that feels aesthetically pleasing. The multi-coloured blend introduces a playful note. The fabric has a dry matte finish and comes in an impressive array of 39 fresh young colours, with options ranging from essential neutrals to bright hues of yellow, orange, red, turquoise and different shades of green. The fabric is easy to apply and ideal for use on office and conference chairs. Just the thing for an open-plan office! Acton is flame retardant, wear resistant (90,000 rubs Martindale, 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek), light and colourfast. The fabric is also attractively priced. 

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Upholstery design - Acton and Rolla

Rolla: bold three-dimensional design
An upholstery fabric with a bold architectural pattern. That’s Rolla. The three-dimensional geometric pattern is highly wear resistant despite its raised texture. Rolla comes in 20 modern shades, ranging from neutral greys to blue, pink and orange. The Acton and Rolla colours are designed to complement each other and combine beautifully - even on the same piece of furniture. Like Acton, Rolla is flame retardant, wear resistant (50,000 rubs Martindale, 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek), light and colourfast.

Dikson: luxurious chenille blend
Dikson is a luxurious chenille blend that is soft to the touch. Yet, despite its softness, it is highly durable and wear resistant (100,000 rubs Martindale, 100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek). The colours react to the light, giving subtly different effects under different lighting. Dikson is a chameleon that blends beautifully with the rest of the interior. The soft colour palette includes warm grey and different shades of stone. The fabric creates a warm, luxurious feel that makes it perfect for the hospitality market.

Upholstery design - Dikson

All-inclusive range
Acton and Rolla are being added to the upholstery 01 binder. Dikson is being added to the upholstery 02 binder. Vescom’s current range includes wall coverings, upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics for the contract market.



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