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The WhiteTeak Company launches Study Table Lamp Collection

The new collection comprises different types of lamps made of metal in different colours and finishes; these study table lamps come with LED and non LED bulbs option

The WhiteTeak Company, a destination for luxury and designer table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lights and other luxury and rustic décor items, have recently launched a Study Table Lamp Collection that will surprise guests with its unique designs and warm and welcoming glow that give a new meaning to home décor.

The collection comprises different types of study table lamps, made of metal in different colours and finishes. These lamps come with LED as well as non LED bulbs option, which are perfect from a lighting perspective for study tables. Each of these table lamps has its clear focus in lighting that allows it to spread light coverage on a wider spectrum. Moreover, Study Smart Big study table lamps come in 16 million colours which can be changed instantly through an app. These functional table lamps could act as a decorative piece in any room. 

According to Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, founder, and co-founder of The WhiteTeak Company, "Our latest collection of table lamps are meant to be used on study tables to give perfect light for study purpose as well as acts as a piece of decor for any room. These study table  lamps are sure to enrich and enhance a home’s vibe with a classy addition that perfectly fits into a modern space to create contrasting settings."

Product details:

1. Addiction Smart LED: A sleek amalgamation of black and gold, this modern beauty has an Italian marble base

Price: Rs.11,950/=

2. Morning Coffee Table Lamp: Price: Rs.12,950/=

3. Study Smart Big: Play with light and choose from 16 million colours to instantly change the look and atmosphere of a room. Extend your TV viewing experience to the whole room or sync light to your favourite music and see how light reacts to the rhythm. It also lets you choose any shade between warm white and cool white, and supports brightness control from 10% to 100%. All this using the Svarochi smartphone app which is free to download and use. Enhance your decor, set light colour to match your mood or occasion. Set the right light intensity and colour to highlight your decor, or to pep things up for a party or festival.

Price: Rs.10,950/=

4. Night Watch: Price: Rs.9,590/=

5. Rumour: Price: Rs.13,950/=



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