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ACETECH launches AURUS in India

The new product, a compact fingerprint lock designed for use in cabinets and drawers, is perfect for securring valuables

When you come home from work, how do you keep your wallet, your expensive watch, your cash, your expensive pen and other valuables, safely away from prying eyes? Do you compromise security for the sake of convenience? If you are among the diligent few who lock away their valuables immediately, then where do you keep the key after locking up?

Do the women in your house keep their valuables - like jewellery, watches, cash and, in fact, the entire handbag away safely? If yes, then how do they ensure the security of the key?

ACETECH's survey shows that 84% of the people are careless with the security of their daily valuables because they find it inconvenient to lock up their drawers and cabinet which they need to use frequently. Moreover, the key used to lock up these valuable is kept in obvious places - like under the mattress, in the make-up box, behind a book, etc. ACETECH has understood this problem and has introduced a compact fingerprint lock designed for use in cabinets and drawers.

The AURUS FP 101 can save up to 15 fingerprints and works on 4 AA batteries that will last about 10 months, depending on usage. When the battery runs low, the lock gives the user sufficient notice through warning beeps to replace the batteries. Even if the battery fails completely, one has the option of applying external power to open the lock.

The lock is available in two colours: - black and white. The body is sturdy and is made of zinc alloy.

Smart Locks for the future: PN 14H

Instead of getting caught up in this tug of war between Security and Convenience, start a hassle-free life without keys with Aurus PN-14 drawer locks. Now, all your valuables are automatically and conveniently secured.

The PN-14 comes with a sleek design that can be used to manage single or multiple drawers. This lock comes with 3 modes: i) Normal mode ii) Public mode iii) Fake PIN mode. It has a built-in 3v battery that lasts for 8-10 months, along with an auto-alarm feature on entering a wrong password. The password can be 4-15 digits long. This drawer lock is battery operated, which implies it doesn’t require any special wiring and can be installed like a regular lock.



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