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Essentia Environments launches Signature Pieces of furniture

Each piece of furniture makes an elegant statement with its unusual contours, luxury materials and exquisite finishes

India’s premier design and build company, Essentia Environment has launched a collection of exclusive signature pieces of furniture, which promise to add an interesting dose of personality and style to interior spaces.

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This new line of signature pieces come with a distinctive character; and while blending perfectly with the rest of the environment, will stand out as statement works of art. Each piece has the potential to grab eyeballs and be a conversation starter, thanks to its refined form and aesthetics. For spaces that need a fresh and stimulating upgrade, these furniture pieces will promise to get the job done with elan.

Essentia’s new collection comprises diverse pieces of furniture that showcase radical designs, unusual contours, luxury materials and exquisite finishes – all of which come together in a wonderful fusion. Impeccable execution of the designs with utmost attention to the minutest details further solidifies their personality as signature pieces. They can single-handedly turn any place into a glamourous one.

Take for instance the console, its creative play of materials and shapes offers a sculptural appeal to the furniuture's form. A touch of gold adds a hint of glamour. The contemporary style cabinet is another addition to the collection that can be used as a bar unit or simply as a console. Once again, the frame and its aesthetics is impressive owing to its distinct design. There is the sleek console in black too, with a hint of gold accents that gives it an even more striking presence. Finally a chic chair upholstered in two different fabrics with delightful yellow detailing adds a touch of oomph to contemporary spaces, while the bar chair's sleek, metallic structure gives it a stunning appearance from every angle. 



22 Sep, 2020
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21 Sep, 2020
The two shows will now take place from October 10-13 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex
15 Sep, 2020
The exhibition will be part of the gallery’s Pause series