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Span Floors presents the new flexuous Chevron Collection

The hardwood floor features a modern 5G locking system, making it a flawless, extremely reliable and long lasting solution in wooden flooring

Span Floors, a leading brand of wooden flooring in India, has launched the new range of premium Flexuous Chevron collection. Varying from three layers strip with the long direction and traditional solid prefinished construction, the new Flexuous Chevron collection is finely crafted with engineered technology, impeccable geometric precision, which, in turn, makes it a more elegant, visually rich surface, as well as allows for more variation in installation patterns.

The Chevron collection by Span Floors comes with a wide range of designer colours to choose from. It includes twenty designer floors, manufactured from white oak, ash, and American walnut and is available in several surface finishes. The entire range can be seen at the Span Floors store, M-8, M-Block Market, GK-II, New Delhi and other authorized Span Floors dealers across India.

The distinguishing characteristic of Flexuous Chevron is the saw cut angle at 45 degree and 60 degree; the diagonal cut at the end of each plank allows individual pieces to be laid in a stylish zigzag pattern. The factory-made hardwood floors are exceptionally precise and thanks to the modern 5G locking system - Chevron Cos Loc System,  the installation is accurate, fast, flawless, extremely reliable and long lasting. Use of three-layer engineered yet fully hardwood technology not only allows us to offer a wider plank, but also ensures superb stability in a wide range of interiors, temperatures and climates.

Satinder Chawla, managing director, Span Floors, shares “This Chevron collection is designed using state-of-the-art technology and offers a classic flooring style which is originally found in numerous palaces and Chateauxs across Europe; now we offer these exceptional wood floors for our discerning clientele in India. These floors are made with the choice of a very dimensionally stable unique three-layer engineered technology using full hardwood combined with high quality factory-applied surface finish.”

About Span Floors
Span Floors is a specialist brand name that carries a guarantee of exceptional quality, value and extraordinary service and a trendsetter in Indian designer wooden flooring industry. Established since 1995 with over 20 years of experience in wood floors alone, Span Floors has developed unique, specialized capabilities of providing high quality wooden floorings and facades to its clients. All floorings, decks and facades are sourced from leading manufacturers around the globe. Backed by years of industry experience and leading technology, Span Floors offer the finest high-end wood floors and top quality technical support available in today's marketplace.



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