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Crome E by Hansgrohe is safe for children, great for bathrooms

Hansgrohe introduces a safe shower experience with Croma E and Ecostat E featuring new SoftCube design and CoolContact technology

With the new Croma E range, hansgrohe is bringing fun and safety to the bathroom – an all-rounder for the modern family bathroom. With the new SoftCube design featuring softly rounded corners, the Croma E product range boasts the usual outstanding hansgrohe spray technology, combined with optimal safety functions. The faucet never gets too hot thanks to the CoolContact technology, while the SafetyStop at the thermostat handle prevents an unexpected increase in water temperature.

There’s a lot that goes on in the family bathroom, making it the center of hectic, everyday family life. This is where the first baby teeth are brushed, traces of muddy playground adventures are washed away, and wild water fights are waged in the bathtub. This is also where little ones prepare for huge adventures and not even the bathroom is safe from the curious hands of explorers. It soon becomes an adventure playground, with energetic tykes romping around and playing with everything they can get their hands on, whether it’s a harmless rubber duck, hand shower, or hot spray of water – for many parents, a cause for concern. But the new functions of the Croma E product range will put them at ease again, allowing parents to send their children off to the bathroom without any of the worry.

The CoolContact technology prevents the Ecostat E thermostat housing from heating up, keeping it cool to the touch at all times. The cold water flowing in at the wall connection on the right passes through the basic unit behind the entire front and top sections and towards the thermostat cartridge, which is installed on the left-hand side of the basic unit. The hot water is guided from the wall connection directly to the thermostat cartridge. The mixed water from the thermostat cartridge then passes through the back and bottom sections towards the right and on to the shut-off/diverter valve. The SafetyStop at the Ecostat E thermostat handle also prevents an unexpected increase in water temperature and eliminates the danger of an excessively hot shower.

With the new Showerpipe shower slide, the hand shower can be adjusted to the appropriate height with ease. The select function is, of course, also integrated into the intuitive hand shower, making it simple to choose one of the three spray modes – SoftRain, IntenseRain, and Massage – for an individual, extraordinary shower experience. The only thing that could possibly top all that is the large head shower with the soft and voluminous RainAir spray for pure relaxation.

And the fun continues even after the shower: thanks to the practical cleaning functions such as the removable jet disc of the head shower and the QuickClean function, it’s easier than ever to remove dirt and limescale, leaving more time for the important things.



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