Blush Duple Sofa
Blush Duple Sofa

Usher in the season of love with Magnolia's nostalgic, new collection

With its new line of bespoke furniture and decor, Magnolia captures the essence of love in everyday living with designs that bring back fond memories

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Magnolia reminisces the notion of love that transcends ‘the love for someone special’ and flows into the realm of everyday living. Laced with nostalgia and the memories of experiences and events that make one smile, ‘love’ is a connection, not just with people, but with the everyday moments. Paying an ode to this wondrous feeling, Magnolia has beautifully brought together this emotion and married it to their design ethos. A curated collection of bespoke furniture and décor accents that ignite that feeling of love, at first sight!

Flo Rocking Chair 1

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The Mulan Bar is reminiscent of that first celebratory drink, the chic spot for those infamous after-parties and, where you finally mastered the art of making those fabulous Moscow Mules or Gimlets. The Mulan bar is privy to some of the most exciting and memorable evenings! A vibrant happy hour spot, for whether you’re hosting wine tasting evenings, or shaking up some cocktails, the bar with its zesty appeal and utilitarian approach, is truly where the party is at.

For the love of hosting those ‘talk of the town’ soirees, for being applauded as the ‘hostess with the mostest’ and the good times spent over hearty meals and fine wine, the Rouge sideboard is pivotal to these moments. A storehouse of not just fine tableware and serveware, but of those umpteen evenings spanning formal get-togethers, pot-luck dinners and those landmark moments celebrated with the chosen few!

Kiara Chair

Blush Duple Sofa is more than a functional piece that adorns the living room. It doubles up as a ‘comfort zone’, the spot that one will love to retreat to after a long day or sit and talk into the night with your best friend or have movie marathons! Moreover, the blush tones instantly lend a softer and sweeter vibe to the living space, adding to that feeling of ‘comfort’

Armed with an almost therapeutic touch, the Willow Wingback Chair, with its soft sorbet hue and cushioned comfort, brings in that air of nostalgia. It rings in childhood memories of being perched on grandpa’s lap, as he would read whilst sitting in his wingback chair. A contemporary take on this classic style, the Willow evokes a gentle reminder of some of the best moments in time.

Mulan Bar

A permanent attendee at those intimate dinners or casual coffee sessions at home, of endless conversations coupled with peals of laughter, the blushing pink Kiara chair is at the centre of all special occasions! The delicate feminine hue is in line with the mood of the season, while the timeless design makes it a style that you keep falling in love with, year after year

Rouge Sideboard

Nestle in the Flo Rocking Chair and its rhythmic movement, which beautifully sets the mood to enjoy a balmy evening. The subtle pink shibori print sprinkles a soothing touch, complementing the overall mood. A pleasing addition to a study or a living room, the Flo is just right, to read love stories in!



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