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Classic & luxurious armchairs by The Great Eastern Home

Elevate the style factor of living rooms and bedrooms with Luxury Armchairs that are inspired by colonial, oriental and contemporary aesthetics

Add a dash of panache to the home décor with “must-have” armchairs from The Great Eastern Home. An armchair does more than allude comfort, it serves as a good accent piece in the room too. Smooth and solid, comforting, with a royal touch and full of luxury, these arm chairs are both well-designed and eye-catching; making a subtle statement that is a reflection of one's taste.

Armchairs by The Great Eastern Home are a great addition to a well-furnished sitting room, enhancing the character of the space with its crafted details. In this collection, the frame is extended and arms are integrated within the frame, allowing the back to flex and retain its strength and simplicity.

Each style can revamp the whole home, or act as a statement piece for a bedroom or living room. The styles vary, from colonial, oriental to contemporary, with each piece carrying its own special signature. The designs aim not only to transform the home and its aesthetics, but also be a symbol of elegance and sophistication - a relfection of one's lifestyle. From velvet upholstery to floral and polka dot prints, the collection offers many choices that cater to both minimalist and detail-oriented preferences in style. 

The Great Eastern Home is known for offering regal furniture with a touch of nostalgia while also being contemporary. With this new collection of armchairs, the brand has once again lived up to its repertoire. 

About The Great Eastern Home
Located in two places, Byculla, the heart of central Mumbai's textile district and Vikhroli, the centre of the Northern end of Mumbai, the stores are charged with an immutable history and contain within them an inevitable destiny. Displaying fine furniture, art and collectibles in what once were the giant warehouses of a bustling mill, is a marked study in contrasts. Both stores preserve an architectural idiom that is all but lost to the stifling homogeneity of the ubiquitous cement-steel-glass urban landscape. High ceilings, aged wooden beams, cast-iron columns and exposed brick and stonewalls, all restored with minimal intervention, present a charming backdrop to a magnificent ensemble. It all inspires an overarching feeling of stepping into a delightful world of treasures.



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