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CMC introduces two new KalingaStone products in grey

Fresh Concrete from the Corvina collection and Bardiglio Grey from Serenelli are suitable for both interior and exterior applications

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced its latest KalingaStone marble products – Fresh Concrete from the Corvina collection and Bardiglio Grey from Serenelli. Aptly named Fresh Concrete, the marble has the appearance of freshly laid out grey concrete exhibiting the grainy textured pattern. The Bardiglio Grey, also a shade of grey, is however a darker variant and displays tidal current like patterns of white and beige. Both products are suitable for an array of applications in both the interior and exterior surface spaces.

The KalingaStone range in marble is especially very popular for flooring applications owing to its strength, durability and of course, aesthetics. The Fresh Concrete as well as the Bardiglio Grey slabs can be easily polished in intervals for bringing back any lost lustre and giving the space a new lease of life. The products are less porous, less susceptible to scratching and staining and easy to maintain making them ideal choices in flooring applications in commercial as well as residential areas.

About CMC
CMC is India's first company to introduce Process 360 - an innovative technology that puts every marble slab through rigorous treatment for achieving unmatched strength and durability. The technology is a nine-step process that not only imparts strength and durability to the marble but also beautifies its appearance. Each marble slab is treated for strong pro block strengthening, anti-moist treatment, back pro treatment, master crack treatment, grinding and calibration, veinhance to highlight veins and patterns, classic shine for meticulous finish and shine, and most importantly Classic Care, an unmatched after sales support for maintenance and care of the finest classic marble.



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