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The Whiteteak Company launches Contemporary Chandelier Collection

The range of opulent chandeliers is designed with the finest materials with chrome shades, diamonds and crystals in hues of black, gold and white

The WhiteTeak Company, known for its luxury and designer table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lights and luxury and rustic décor, launched the Contemporary Chandeliers Collection that add a magnificent touch to the interiors, enhancing the luxury quotient of homes with its trendy and unique patterns and designs.


The collection comprises chandeliers with different designs and patterns, each with a mesmerizing shine and sparkle to it. This range of opulent chandeliers is designed with the finest materials with chrome shades, diamonds and crystals in hues of black, gold and white that add oomph and unparalleled style to the space. The collection is ultra glamorous and truly a masterpiece in design and details like Blow Hot Blow Cold Chandelier is the perfect example. Its amber glass is highlighted by the pattern on the glass and its glass globules comes together to create a chandelier that is elegant and exciting all at once. Looking at Rewrite Chandelier, it has been designed in angular and geometric shape giving perfect contemporary looks to any decor setting.


According to Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, founder, and co-founder of The WhiteTeak Company, "Chandeliers have been popular since the medieval era to illuminate the rooms. With time, designs and technologies have changed from traditional designs to the latest abstract design, which are in unusual form or an intriguing combination of materials to change the overall look of the home. The latest collection of Contemporary Chandeliers launched at The Whiteteak Company fulfills the requirement of modern lighting with royal touch and class. Each piece of this collection is designed in a modernist style that can highlight any corner of the space."


Sweater Weather has a "starburst" design where its gold body shines under the warmth of the frosted glass globes. It comes with 30 pcs of 3W LED bulbs. Wit & Wisdom is a rustic gold chandelier that's sure to grab attention in any space. A beautiful matte gold body made of beaten metal plates complements the modern design. The solid crystals of King's Wish are the stars of the show. The rectangle shape of the body is the perfect companion to the crystal details.  



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