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Maishaa launches Stain-Resistant Fabrics Collection by Manuel Revert

Thanks to Manuel Revert’s Stain Stop and Clean tech, the new collection of upholstery fabrics come with a finish that makes cleaning a breeze

Luxury home furnishings brand, Maishaa wants to ensure that the glam factor of upholstery remains intact despite repeated use. With the launch of stain-resistant fabrics by Spanish brand, Manuel Revert, this wish can now become a reality. Maishaa brings to India their latest collection which comes with a revolutionary stain-resistant technology.

While the fabrics of Manuel Revert are renowned for their superior quality and impeccable aesthetics, they are constantly looking for new solutions to offer to their customers. They develop exclusive and innovative fabrics at their laboratory and quality control department equipped with high technology instruments. 

This time around, the fabrics meet a unique demand by clients. Upholsteries are prone to spills of all kinds and easily get stained, and cleaning is an uphill task. Not anymore. With Manuel Revert’s Stain Stop and Clean tech, fabrics come with a finish that makes cleaning a breeze. Since the stains remain on the surface of the fibers, the fabric can be easily cleaned using a little water and a towel. The stains disappear completely.

Manuel Revert fabrics are to be seen, touched, felt and lived, literally. You don’t have to worry about chance spills any more. Scoop out whatever has fallen on the fabrics, wipe with a towel, sprinkle a bit of water if need be and then wipe it fully clean. The upholstery is as new as it was.

About Maishaa
With a commitment to offering customers furnishing textiles created with love and passion, Maishaa brings fabrics from across the world. With a belief that the merit of a product is functionality while beauty is enchantment, they innovate and produce textiles that turn ordinary things like home linen and furnishing fabrics in to elements of ultimate luxury and good living. All collections of Maishaa are designed by a pool of international designers and manufactured at their state-of-the-art facilities.



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