Pinnacle 2013 – Bologna Water Design
Pinnacle 2013 – Bologna Water Design

Daniel Libeskind designs Fractile for Casalgrande Padana

The exclusive three-dimensional porcelain stoneware tiles, perfect for cladding iconic buildings and pavilions, is the result of a sophisticated industrial procedure

Daniel Libeskind and Casalgrande Padana have joined forces to create Fractile, a unique collection of porcelain stoneware tiles that embodies the magic of fractal mathematics, beyond the borders of mathematics and imagination.

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These exclusive three-dimensional porcelain stoneware tiles, designed by Libeskind and manufactured by Casalgrande Padana, are the result of a sophisticated industrial procedure, which includes glazing and firing processes at 1250 °C, using select mixtures of clays, quartzes and feldspars, which provide a colour-changing effect while ensuring the highest quality, resistance and durability. A geometric relief pattern and a metalescent surface finish provide the tile with an unexpected sense of movement under the light. This deconstruction and reconstruction of luminous reflexes enhances the whole architectural envelope.

Casalgrande Ceramic Crown

These three-dimensional fractal tiles clad the imposing landmark Casalgrande Ceramic Crown designed by  Libeskind and located in the Reggio Emilia countryside, near the company production plant.

The partnership between the architect and Casalgrande Padana continued with the revolutionary ceramic envelope for the Vanke Pavilion at Expo 2015.

Fractile - Sapphire

Sapphire, also designed by Libeskind, is the perfect continuation of this journey through experimentation. This multi-storey building features surprising and complex volumes and a ventilated façade clad with Fractile porcelain stoneware tiles with Bios Self Cleaning technology.

With the occasion of Bologna Water Design in 2013, Fractile was used to clad Pinnacle, an installation designed by Libeskind and placed in the 16th century Cortile del Priore, at a former maternity hospital that pays tribute to the verticality of medieval Bologna, its towers and historical buildings.



22 Sep, 2020
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