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Nothing humdrum about this space!

Humming Tree champions the colour yellow in their design for this strikingly energetic office

With an extremely sharp brief that the space was to have two lives, Humming Tree set out on their mission to transform this office space. They had been told that the building should adorn an enjoy-work ethos and have an exceedingly dynamic space, with heaps of daylight. The result is a vibrant, yet minimalist design, which any officer-goer would be delighted to work in.

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“The client was after a minimal, outlandish look, so we took inspiration from commercial and art gallery spaces, as opposed to typical office interiors,” say Mohammed Afnan and Arun Shekar, founders of Humming Tree. 

The client, Limotex is part of the construction/ building industry for around 40 years. When the duo at Humming Tree were approached for the job, based on their quirky taste in design, they took a call to ensure that this workspace had to be distinguished from other builders’ offices, which are typically designed keeping exposed materials in mind.

“Our concept was to have an office space that has a design language of contemporary art galleries. We did not want to make something with complex aesthetics. The office has a linear planning of about 1,100 sq-ft, a relatively small workspace, yet boasts an amazing sun-kissed reception area facing west. Adjoining this area is the waiting lounge, where a Prussian blue couch sits, separating the small workspace – consisting of four workstation tables – that lies beyond it. Further ahead is the manager’s cabin and a beautiful mirror. This reflects the conference room and invites the outdoor greens into the space, allowing the pleasant, ambient daylight to filter through, which in turn saves a lot of electricity.

Project Details
Name of the project:  Hello Yellow             
The designers        :  Mohammed Afnan, Arun Shekar
Lighting consultants: LIGHTS, Calicut
Area                       :  1,100 sq-ft
Location                 : Calicut, Kerala             
Duration of project: 8 months
Date of completion: December 15, 2019

Materials & Suppliers
Flooring: Vinyl
Laminates: Greenlam
Lighting/ light fixtures: Custom lights by Humming Tree
Paint: Asian Paints
Furniture: Kare
Sanitary fittings: Roca
Air-conditioning/ HVAC system: Mitsubishi



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