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Kohler to add colours to this year’s India Design Week

Kohler India launches their much-awaited – matte black- and henna-coloured – range of products

Kohler, the kitchen and bath products maker, has announced its association with India Design (ID) 2020. The brand is known for its colours and finishes in bath spaces, and displayed its full repertoire of coloured products in matte black, henna, truffle and peacock at this year’s ID event.

The open maze-like structure of the Kohler booth divided into four distinct colour zones showcased a monochromatic surreal display inspired by global bathrooms trends. While the matte black colour zone showcased brutalism, truffle showcased serenity as a design trend in bath spaces. Peacock from the palette was depicted using blush botanical as a trend and, finally, boudoir was depicted using henna, the newest addition to the colour palette.

The four colours by Kohler were also interpreted by four top designers in the pre-symposium area. Designer Shantanu Garg, Aneeth Arora of Pero, Ankon Mitra and Madhav Raman, curated spaces inspired from the Colours by Kohler range, using unique art forms. Beyond this, KOHLER organized interactive and engaging workshops by Shantanu Garg and Anavila Misra at their booth on February 13 and 14 for design aficionados, and brought in Timothy Corrigan, a renowned Hollywood interior designer, as a speaker at the ID Symposium.



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