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New street furniture unveiled at RK beach in Visakhapatnam

The Vizag Hybrid Seat by Studio Emergence questions the traditional bench with its fluid, social form in a bright colour scheme

Located in the prestigious TU 142 Aircraft Museum, the Vizag Hybrid Seat designed by Studio Emergence livens up the busy road of RK beach, in the heart of Visakhapatnam. The sculptural seating space is designed as a landscape feature and creates a space to interact for the tourists. The INS Kursura Submarine Museum is right opposite to the site and provides a gigantic backdrop to the hybrid sculptural seat.

Hybrid Seat is an amorphous form created by an amalgamation of different seating typologies for the patrons to sit, interact and take pictures near the Aircraft Museum. The morphology of the seat is inspired by the waves of the RK beach. It poses a question to the traditional bench/seat with its fluid, social form in a bright colour scheme to attract the passerby and generate interest in the public space. The warm colour gradient gives a contrasting juxtaposition to the clear blue skies and the glass facade of the Naval Museum.

Different seating postures were studied and parameterised in the process. After several explorations, the final morphology was frozen in frame. Each seat is made of 120 unique sections joined together by stainless steel rods fixed by nuts and bolts. Each section was painted separately to achieve the gradient colour scheme and the final glossy finish to the sculptural seat. The colourful seat has become a popular interaction space in the local urban fabric. There are thousands of people interacting and clicking photos every day on the hybrid seat.



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