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Relaxing beauty Neon Bathtubs by VitrA

With its rich size options, Neon offers a bathtub solution suitable for every bathroom

VitrA Neon bathtubs are available in both double and single-sided alternatives and can be used with panel options with rich wood and an acrylic colour palette. All the bathtubs are equipped with hydro-massage functions if desired. Neon hydro-massage bathtubs come with optional lighting and accessories which are 100% tested with water and electronic measuring devices.

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With Air Maxi, you have the option of a water massage, that can be used continuously and in intervals. The light features can be used continuously, optionally or in intervals. Air Relax is where the air massage gushes continuously. The light feature can be used continuously or optionally. With Aqua-Soft function, one can get a water massage in intervals or continuously. Lastly, with Aqua-Soft Easy one can get a water massage continuously. Now feel the joy of a massage in your bathroom.

The Neon hydro massage bathtub comes with different functions like Duo Maxi wherein you have a choice of a water massage or air massage, which can be used continuously or in intervals. It also has an automatic disinfection program. Easy to use manual functions flawlessly switch water modes for your benefit. VitrA bathtubs and panels come with a 10-year guarantee. Panel colour options include; acrylic, natural wood, anthracite, oak, plum wood, American walnut, metallic gray, dore oak, black oak, moka oak, light oak, matt, white, gray and ivory.
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