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Bharat Flooring launches new international range

Each collection from the new BFT range finds its inspiration from unique sources and art from around the world.

Inspired by the oil-paper umbrellas from Japan, BFT created the Wagasa tile. The surface paintings include traditional Japanese culture, often borrowing elements from nature such as bird, leaves and cherry blossom flowers.

Sumi-E is inspired by a type of East Asian brush painting that uses black ink. Ink wash painting uses tonality and shading achieved by varying the ink density, both by differential grinding of the ink stick in water and by varying the ink load and pressure within a single brushstroke.

It was in the beginning of the eighteenth century that the present style of Hungarian folk art took shape, incorporating both Renaissance and Baroque elements, depending on the area, as well as Persian Sassanide influences. Flowers and leaves, sometimes a bird or a spiral ornament, are the principal decorative themes. The floral motifs are an inspiration behind the Kalocsa tile.

The Otomi textiles have become a major product associated with Mexico, giving the Otomi a bit more recognition in the land of the Maya and Aztecs. Incorporating this Mexican folk art into the tiles, BFT came up with the Otomi tile.

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden statue originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna (Dalecarlia) - and is the inspiration behind the Dala tile.

Some of the other collections include: Calavera tile representing  the iconic the Day of the Dead skull motif; the Fileteado tile inspired by a popular decorative practise from Buenos Aires; and Cirebon showcasing Indonesian Batik technique of wax-resist dyeing.

BFT also researched on CSÚCSI pottery designs that incorporate floral motifs in the most popular combination of blue and white. The floral motifs are the inspiration behind the CSÚCSI tile. Bharat Flooring will be launching this design for the first time ever at India Design 2020.



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