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Notion launches Chevron Patterned Flooring

The collection is available in lovely designer hues with a colour range of over 200 options

French-based Chevron Patterned flooring collection by Notion is a modern and technologically superior take on the floor, available in lovely designer hues with a colour range of over 200 options. With a 2-layer engineered technology this is best known to have lifelong span, as it doesn’t get cracked easily. It is manufactured in a single size and milled to precision, with a worry-free installation.

This French-based collection is best known for its durability and stain resistance. It has special protective layers which protect it from discoloring. This inverted V formation design can have a high impact, or completely subtle, statement in any place, like office premises, stores, restaurants, and also in the modern at-home interiors

According to Akash Saini, director, Notion, “Chevron Patterned flooring by Notion will pop up the interior of your living space. Chevron Patterned flooring is laid out in a zig-zag pattern which makes it up a visually rich and sophisticated design. This engineered wood Chevron flooring is ideal for hallways and entryways. This range is aptly suitable for functional kitchens, bathrooms and for children’s studies as well as stylish living areas.”



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