Preciosa - Eugene Historic Gold medium
Preciosa - Eugene Historic Gold medium

Preciosa launches new collection - Eugene Chandeliers

Preciosa has a glorious tradition of three centuries of Bohemian lights that have illuminated prestigious spaces across the world.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine glass chandeliers, Preciosa has mastered and fine-tuned the art of turning crystal glass into excellent works of art according to original Bohemian traditions using the highest standards of craftsmanship and unique technical knowledge. Combining ancient techniques with modern day technology, the lights ensure that the true original spirit of the chandeliers is never lost.

Preciosa -Eugene Contemporary Blue medium

Sources Unlimited launched the Eugene collection of chandeliers from Preciosa. Eugene encapsulates all the characteristics of Preciosa craftsmanship. With its enduring elegance, unrivalled beauty and modern simplicity, it has stood the test of time. Its startling silhouette is formed from central elements that are free from ornateness; the arms and candleholders uncomparable in their reflective possibilities.

Preciosa - Eugene Contemporary BGR medium

The glass chandelier narrates the rich history of the first full glass-arm chandelier to have ever been crafted in Bohemia. After the great European wars in the 17th Century, metal became rare so glass came in as an alternative as it matched metal’s reflective properties. In 1724, Josef Palme completed the ‘Prachen’ chandelier – the first glass-arm chandelier crafted in Bohemia, thus laying the foundation for Bohemian Chandeliers. His company was the direct predecessor of Preciosa’s Lighting Workshop, situated in the village of Prachen, neighbouring Kamenicky Senov where Preciosa is based today.

Preciosa - Eugene Historic Chromium medium

Combining contemporary bold and bright colours in the chandelier, rejuvenates the simple and elegant glass design. The new selection includes combinations and inspirations from nature: fresh green, warm rose, and calming blue. Ideal for both existing and planned interior colour schemes, where the colours can be synchronised with the décor.



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