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The Decor Circle launches Fabella series

Designed exclusively for Kids Bedroom, the collection of sculptures is inspired by fables

The exciting, new range of kids decor collection by The Decor Circle is crafted with pastel tones of pink, blue, mint, brown, green and lavender. Inspired by the idea of bedtime fables, the Fabella series consists of animal sculptures such as rabbit, giraffe, fox, zebra etc where parents can weave incredible stories to their kids. The sculptures come in a set of two to five, hence the kids can imagine the entire animal family and can use their creativity to give them unique names. Apart from these, the ceramic collection of candle holders, planters and decorative accents are sure to add a wow factor to the child's bedroom.

Animal Sculpture

According to Tina Klar, co founder of The Décor Circle, "No matter how many toys a child receives, there is one of them that is always close to his heart. The Kids collection at The Decor Circle aims to be exactly that favourite one! We have tried to curate the collection keeping in mind child psychology."

Bunny Holes

Kitty Sculpture comes in a set of four, and is a decorative piece that displays a true family bond standing together in every tough situation. Bunny Holes is a stunning set of rabbits that add a sophisticated charm to the kids room. Bunny Sculpture symbolically resonates with faithfulness, love and generosity. Cute, cuddly and vibrant, these two adorable bunnies are your go-to option for the kid's room.

Fabelle Kitty Sculpture

Opertus Pineapple comes in pink, with a beautiful crown made up of hexagonal units that resembles the real fruit. With Animal Sculpture, you can narrate stories to kids about how the animal kingdom is full of fun and joy



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The series will be launched on July 16 on