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Step into the future with Luxaire’s Lux 1020

The unique single blade 42” luxury fan is modern and cutting edge in every way

Luxaire presents the patented award-winning design, and Design Resource Awards International Winner - LUX 1020, a single blade luxury ceiling fan for the Indian market. The futuristic and awe-inspiring design can beautify any interior décor.

The artistic, bird’s wing-like swirl of this single-blade fan is highly functional – sculpted around principles of aerodynamics. The ABS blade has a specially designed aerofoil profile that can operate at lower RPMs, and still provide high airflow at 4100 CFM with half the power consumption of normal fans i.e. 36 watts ensuring cooling of smaller rooms with low turbulence. The fan's design virtually eliminates any wind noise.

Lux 1020 comes with a dual mounting option (fit with and without rods with the help of conversion kits). It operates on three counter-clockwise fan speeds. Finished in brushed aluminium, matt white and full matt black, this luxury ceiling fan comes with an unbeatable 15-year motor warranty



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