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Essentia Environments launches an exclusive bath-cum-closet

This product is part of their recently-unveiled unique luxury studio apartment concept

Essentia Environments has launched an exclusively designed bathroom-cum-closet that was part of their unique luxury studio apartment concept, unveiled at the recently concluded India Design ID 2020.

The Essentia booth was a collection of signature furniture pieces – each of which makes a definitive statement with its exquisite design and appeal, and the bathroom-cum-closet is no different. 

The show stealer is the luxurious bathtub, carved out of a rich stone, displaying glorious grains. It lends, at once, an unmistakable opulent air to the bathroom. The beautiful stone on the wall and the wooden flooring further add to the sophisticated environment. The innovatively designed cabinets and open shelves made of metal and glass, where you can hang clothes, appear both functional and smart.

The mirror and complementary accessories like the lamp and carpet add warmth and character.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on