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GP&J Baker upgrades its Signature Wallpapers collection

The collection now includes the Chifu wallpaper that is inspired by an 18th century Quing dynasty dragon robe

Celebrating the GP & J Baker’s fantastic heritage, the Signature Wallpapers II collection showcases beautiful and iconic designs enhanced by the addition of the archival Chifu - a stunning interpretation of an 18th century Quing dynasty dragon robe. Two differing geometrics, Herringbone and Langdale Trellis harmonise perfectly both in colour and style with this superb collection.

Chifu is a dramatic Chinoiserie design of swirling dragons, formalised clouds and branches laden with blooms. Rich in symbolic meaning denoting power, strength and good luck, the number of dragon motifs traditionally revealed the wearer’s rank and status. Chifu has now been interpreted as a spectacular wallpaper.

Magnificent patterns of Oriental peonies, and magnolias, leafy ferns, Persian landscapes, Chinese fire dragons and antique ikat textiles will inspire a whole range of looks and styles perfect for the modern interior.

The striking colour palette ranges from verdant greens on grounds of antique pink, Chinese yellow, rich teals, and carmine and bronze to cooler delft blues and sophisticated neutrals.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on