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Window Passions launches new collection of borders and frills

The online retail store is offering embroidered accents that can transform existing drapes, curtains and soft furnishings in an instant

Bringing heirloom quality design to upper crust homes, Rajeev and Amita Kanwar launch Window Passion-Curate Yourself, a range of dramatic embroidered, embellished, beaded and gold foiled borders that can be added to existing furnishings for instant makeovers.

“Windows today are majestic and large. They need to be as rich in their look as the expensive furniture that fills the rest of the room. At Window Passions, we ensure that they become the veritable pride of the place,” says Amita.

“Modern homes today look for something that is unique and one of. At Window Passions, we ensure that what one home features, the other one does not,” adds Rajeev.

The brand is associated with creating magnificent blinds as well as themed, designer shades. Design ranges from soft furnishings, window coverings, drapes & curtains as well as quilted curtains. The company believes that fabrics and embroideries play an integral role in good design and decided to add this service to their core offering of window solutions. The quality and thought that goes behind each and every piece created at this boutique, and the passion, which goes into each detail, is what sets Window Passions apart from the rest.



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