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Six products to maintain hygiene in these trying times

These home appliances can help us stay healthy and maintain our wellness, whether we are in the midst of a pandemic or otherwise

These are extraordinary times we are living in. People around the world are praying frantically to their gods to save them and the world from an uncertain microscopic molecule. A majority of us are doing our bit by staying in and working from home to avoid physical contact and ensure that the risk is minimized. While we are all stocking up on hand soaps, surface disinfectants and masks, here are some home appliances which can help us stay healthy and maintain our wellness through these tough times:

Bosch Dishwasher
The Bosch Dishwashers use water at 70 degree celsius ensuring 99% germ-free utensils. Speedy dishwasher with pre-activated speed controls delivers clean results without compromising on the results.

Dolphy Black Automatic Hand Dryer
Dolphy black automatic hand dryer offers a quick dry hand time of 8-12 seconds. Hand dryers not only remove dirt from hands and make them feel cleaner but also remove microorganisms from the skin surface which comes from hand washing.

Bosch Washing Machine
Bosch Washing Machine provides an Allergy Plus program, that cleans laundry at 45 degree celsius making it germ-free laundry.

Blue Star Air Purifier BS-AP90RAP
Pollutants get trapped and micro-organisms flourish indoors. Blue Star's state-of-the-art range of air purifiers help you and your family breathe in only what nature intended – pure air.

Bosch Dryers
Bosch dryers come with the AllergyPlus feature, specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers. Bosch dryer offers drying the laundry at 50^C which provides a germ-free laundry.

Bosch Slow Juicer
Bosch slow juicer juices are more nutritious, as significantly more vitamins and enzymes are extracted due to slower and gentler squeezing technology. Due to high speed juicing, conventional centrifugal juicers generate heat which reduce the nutrients and create foam resulting in oxidation of the juice. The Bosch slow juicer is your companion for building better immunity and health.



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