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5 innovations impacting the next wave of architectural designs

Grab the new eBook by HP India, which highlights five impressive innovations impacting the next wave of architectural designs

With the start of a new decade, it is imperative to look at architectural innovations taking place across the globe and gain valuable inputs for the present and the future. From digital solutions, and virtual modelling programmes to sustainable materials, the construction industry – along with the architecture fraternity – are looking for inventive ways to build better.

High-rises, in particular, demand innovation at unparalleled levels, given how dependent they are on technology to reach new heights – quite literally. As the drive for going higher will only escalate in the coming years, we need to take a closer look at tall building technology, design processes, material exploration and construction techniques.

With its new, comprehensive eBook, HP India provides just the necessary insights. The digital book covers topics such as:

+ The impact of digital modelling and virtual reality

+ Sustainable material innovations

+ BIM and off-site construction

+ Digital simulation and 3D zoning

+ Printing solutions and digital collaboration

Download the e-book now and be inspired by the insights from industry heavyweights on five innovations that will shape the future of architectural design.



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