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Summer collection of carpets by Hands

Infuse your space with sprightly colours, fun florals, playful patterns and moody abstracts

At Hands, the range of botanical and bamboo silk carpets complement the summer vibe with their natural hues. From 100 percent wool to 100 percent bamboo silk and botanical silk, and a combination of materials, each one is handcrafted to perfection to offer a fine finish and a luxe touch.  They allow you to infuse your space with sprightly colours, fun florals, playful patterns and moody abstracts.

The Bouquet collection with its floral flair, Urbane with its modern and geometric designs, Nouveau with its vibrant and colourful patterns, Minerology with its abstract imagery and bright shades...are good solutions for the season.

However, every other collection comprises fresh concepts in its range that evoke a summery vibe. From Contemporary to Traditional and to Transitional…each style offers its own timeless beauty and appeal.

Your carpet selection for summer can have you covered for the entire year. However, if you want extra warmth in winter, you could simply layer it with another – a large carpet over which you throw a smaller one. While it renders the space that much more intimate, it also makes an on-trend statement by adding an extra dimension to your décor scheme. You could create contrasts by pairing a neutral shaded base carpet and a bold, patterned carpet on top, or by pitting two different patterns for a heady note.



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